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Emerging from the obscure heritage of tracked electronic music Beatslaughter has transcended his home-grown roots to sonic realms rich in musical force. He is well regarded in the Renoise Scene for his polished work that doesn't fall neatly into tired genre boxes. The key unifying aspect of Beatslaughter's music is strong sensitivity for developing emotional drama that weaves into brilliant abstract narratives. These are experiences akin to film noir, with lush atmosphere and futuristic electronic detailing. He's the perfect post-millennial representative both his Berlin residency; and his connection to the global consciousness of the web- serving its insatiable hunger for musical drama that soars above the generic. Prepare for engaging immersion.


Besides releasing tracks at my own site, some of them do appear on:

Earthen Records - (2012)
Achenar & Beatslaughter - Salvage Works [EAR003]

Phonocake - (2012)
Beatslaughter - Serenity EP [phoke85]

Intelligent Machinery - (2012)
V.A. - Worst-Case Scenarios

Papal-Yuga Records - (2010)
V.A. - Interface Vol. 2 [PYR001]

All Hallow's Eve - (2008)
V.A. - 2008 Tell-tale Heart Edition

Independent Dark Electronics - (2008)
V.A. - Interface Vol. 1 [IDE #001]

Dark Duck Records - (2008)
V.A. - Drone Download Project - Year 5 [DDR #194]

Brown Coffee Recordings - (2008)
V.A. - Electronic Messages

Kara-Moon Collective - (2007)
V.A. - In A Spin

Camomille - (2007)
V.A. - Cycles [CAM100]

Dark Duck Records - (2007)
Drone Download Project [DDR #134]

Ronin Collective - (2006)
V.A. - Gama [RC025]


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12/01/2012 / 10:58:51 am

A new release called "Salvage Works" is available now on Earthen Records. It contains 3 new tracks from myself and also 3 tracks from Achenar.

09/16/2012 / 05:39:47 pm

Get my new 4 track "Serenity EP" at the Phonocake Netlabel website.

04/06/2012 / 05:59:27 pm

Added a new song called "Message From Io" to the music page.

02/05/2010 / 02:01:28 pm

I've added a new song called "Fear In The Dark (Dark Ambient Mix)" to the music page, which was done for the compilation Interface Vol. 2.

12/26/2009 / 01:39:03 am

Added a new song called "Frozen Dawn" to the music page.

11/16/2009 / 05:22:06 pm

A new song called "The Void Can Be Heard" was added to the music page.

04/01/2009 / 11:39:48 pm

I've added a new section at the music page featuring remixes i've done for other artists. The first one published there is a song called "Not Convinced", which was done for Skin Contact.

03/01/2009 / 02:52:30 pm

Finally added the OGG version of "Psydrums" to the music page. It's a collaboration song done together with Tenda.

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